50 Shades of Strategist

In the agency culture that celebrates the outlandish, do account planners rely too much on Romantic analogies to clarify what they actually do?

Out of the box thinkers

Account planners love both clarity and absurdity.

The off-the-whiteboard-wall agency culture hates the dry term “account planner”; the one thing all of my teachers at the Miami Ad School account planning bootcamp agreed on was that they prefer another term to describe their role.

Most account planners I have met are fluent in the language of analogies. As abstract thinkers, they see parallels in the most unusual pair of themes. While many prefer titles such as “creative strategist”, there are a lot of self-given titles on LinkedIn that make you look twice.


Fellow account planning student Krissy Sanchez and I noticed that in trying to explain the value that they bring, account planners had maybe sacrificed some of the clarity in favor of Romantic element of their job.

I am definitely guilty as I have given myself the professional identity: a tension seeker (find the pun). I gave it to my self, it’s given to me by me.

There are areas of expertise that differentiate a communications planner from a brand strategist, but creative titles have resulted in 50 shades of strategist. Krissy and I are both sarcastic and theatrical so we ended up animating these job titles via props and costumes. #CallMeByYourSelfGivenJobTitle


The photoshoot is all in good fun and appeared originally on Miami Ad School’s blog.


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