Ads from The L(OL) Train “Shut Down”

For those who don’t know, the L pocalypse was a commuting calamity that would affect hundreds of thousands in New York. The impending shut down of the train was enough to affect property rates; landlords had to drop prices so residents wouldn’t drop popular Brooklyn neighborhoods. It was a pop culture moment – brands made clever out of home ads and people were quick with pun-tiful memes.

Therefore, it was a major curveball when Governor Cuomo announced the L train would only shut down nights and weekends. I, for one, am happy displaced L riders won’t be crowding my J train ride into Manhattan. I also still love those advertisements, and decided I would post a couple of my favorites. It’s a bold choice to design tangible ads (that stay out in the world for a while) from world events, but I stand behind it. These ads made me laugh out loud (I’m biased as I live in adland) and helped the brands seem more plugged in.

L train ad from Healthade.jpg
Health Ade Kombucha
lyft l train ad 2
lyft l train ad 3
priority bicycles l train ad
Priority Bicycles


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