Evolution of Target Retail

How do you take the dread out of a chore as well as take the guilt out of fun?

CLIENT:  Target

CHALLENGE: There are two types of people in this world: those who love the activity of shopping and those who find shopping a chore. Target has a huge culture with the former type of person, but is getting killed in convenience shopping by Amazon. How do you evolve the business to help both types of people?

RESEARCH: I interviewed shoppers in major cities to see what they liked. I frequently heard those who identified as loving Target admit to feeling guilty for shopping too much, even seeing it as a hobby or activity, therefore cutting themselves off. I thought it was funny that there were those who thought the complete opposite and groaned when thinking about shopping as an errand.

TENSION AND INSIGHT: Why does having fun have to feel like you’re not getting something done? Why does getting something done have to feel like a chore?

STRATEGY: At Target, having fun is necessary to getting something done.

CAMPAIGN: Target Space. Establish Target as the center of things – culture, productivity, and fun.

Target Brief

Target Space aims to use a rotating physical space in select Target retail tailored to help your life without it being a chore. Workout, meal prepping, and more classes have people get more done.


target instagram mockups

wine billboard

 TEAM: Mark Hyde, art director & copywriter

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