Poo in The Parks

How do you inspire people to pick up poop?

CLIENT:  Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy 

CHALLENGE: Park goers who do not pick up after their dogs are not responding to current efforts of fellow park-goers shaming dog owners.

RESEARCHI conducted mystery dog walking by borrowing my neighbor’s puppy to walk in the parks in addition to absorbing secondary research of dog-owner culture. I found that the vast majority of dog owners thought of their dogs as members of the family. A Wired Article states, “Two thirds of Americans live with an animal…90 percent of pet owners think of their dogs and cats as members of the family. The dogs are babies, just with paws.

TENSION AND INSIGHT: Doggy parents will train their dogs on what’s right and what’s wrong. However, sometimes parents do not follow their own advice when doing the right thing is inconvenient.

STRATEGY: Train the humans by enforcing good behavior and punishing bad.

CAMPAIGN: Good Human. Using the dog’s perspective allows for clever calls-to-action and speaks to the emotional bond humans have with their pets.

EXTRAS: I briefed my creatives with briefs delivered in dog bags. I also made a video for the clients from a dog’s perspective in the parks and produced stickers and posters to keep for our pitch.


TEAM: Jessica Pester, Art Director & Mya Passmore, Copywriter

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