Here’s a one pager of me in various offices and schools. 


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I’ve been drinking the advertising kool-aid a loooong time.

At 9 years old, I saw the film What Women Want and decided advertising was a more viable career path than being a princess.

While getting my undergrad in advertising, my university offered a study abroad at Cannes Lions. In 2013 I was sitting front row for panels with Gloria Steinem while humming Dumb Ways To Die and figuring out how to sneak into GoogleX conferences. Cannes (and Gutter Bar) is where I realized this industry is much more innovative than I had thought, and I was eager to get my hands dirty. After graduation, I worked at two agencies then headed back to Miami Ad School for account planning bootcamp, where I received the Top Dog award for best in class.

I love getting to know people – what they’re working towards, what breakfast they eat, what they’re proud of. The best work champions the human spirit. I bring my enthusiastic and thoughtful self to planning.

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